Sunday, April 19, 2009


I feel like technology was very helpful in putting this project together. We were able to e-mail each other to see what days/times meetings would work best for all of us. Also, the group pages in Blackboard was great because we could each add our separate parts, without having to meet to put the proposal pieces together each time there was something new to do. I like how the group pages is so accessible and that you can put up anything from the project to use again later as we put the final power point together. Technology made the process a lot smoother and just overall things were less time consuming as a result.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ethical Lapses

The biggest ethical lapse example I can think of were the documents written during the Holocaust and the types of dehumanizing language that they consisted of. I learned the importance of treating other people equally from these examples. Also, I learned that these kinds of ethical lapses can be found everywhere, not just during a horrific event. My personal ethical principles consist of treating everybody with respect, which means respecting other people's differences and accepting each person for who they are and what they may stand for.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Work Miscommunication

One time when I worked at the YMCA, I was scheduled to work a Saturday morning shift, but I got somebody to cover it because I was not going to be in town. It turns out they thought they were not working until the following Saturday, so they never ended up coming in for me. Neither of us showed up for the shift, so they had to call the "on-call" person to cover it. It could have been prevented if I would have written down the correct date on the calendar that this person was working for me and made sure they were aware of the day they had to come in as well.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Final Presentations/Portfolios

I liked the presentation this week on "The Guitar Top." I liked this presentation because he did a good job of incorporating the other previous presentations in his introduction which captured my attention. He also gave a little story about how his guitar was broken, and I liked this because it made the presentation seem more personal and interesting. It was my favorite because I really enjoy music and I learned a lot about how certain types of guitar tops produce specific sounding music.
I have not really had much experience honestly with online portfolios. I have set up my Clemson e-portfolio, although I have not taken the time yet to do much with it. I just need to know a general overview of some more details about the specifics of each piece that is included in the portfolio.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Three Presentations

Bryson's presentation was really good on catching bass during the spring.  I liked it because he picked an original topic that he seemed to know a lot about, so he was able to capture my attention by just talking about what he does when he goes fishing.  I learned that bass are easier to catch when the water temperature increases.  He was an effective presenter because of his knowledge on bass fishing and his enthusiasm about the topic.
I liked Ryan's racquetball presentation because I play tennis and it was interesting to hear about the differences and just learn more about the sport in general.  I learned that you hit the ball completely different than you would in tennis.  He was effective because he also seemed to really enjoy playing and made it sound like something that I would like to try.
Jennifer's body image presentation was interesting because it was very original and it was something that as a girl I could relate to.  I learned that if barbie were lifesize her measurements would be a lot smaller than what the average measurements are for the specific weight classes, so no wonder women are self conscious about their figures.  She was an effective presenter because you could tell from the way she talked that she had thoroughly researched the topic.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cover Letter Advice

I agree with the advice on making a cover letter short and to the point. I also agree the importance that the section “The Best use of a Cover Letter” stresses about making it apparent that you have done research on the company you are applying for. I think knowing a lot about the company can make a big impact on your future employer. I couldn’t really find anything in the different sections that I disagree with, and I think each part makes valid points about improving the cover letter. I feel like the section with the sample cover letter is the most useful to me personally. This is because the checklist does not really go into detail about what should be included in the cover letter, so the sample makes the points in the checklist clearer. I wasn’t aware that you can incorporate testimonials into your cover letters, but I think that would definitely make the cover letter stand out more. I may add that to my letter for the interview, because I think it adds a personal touch.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Client Visit

I am excited about the topic of promoting health and the well-being of the student body amongst our campus. I personally like the ecological approach for a framework of goals and making a strategic plan to work on behaviors like maybe reducing stress to live a healthier lifestyle in general. Although, I also like the idea of making a video like one that looks at unhealthy behaviors and ways to correct these behaviors. I feel like my group is working well together so far, and we are starting to think about different ideas that can promote the “Healthy Campus Initiative.”